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LASERBOY is the miraculous remaster of the iconic video game by Catfun Corp, originally created for the mythical Funvision Entertainment System. Thought until recently to have been forever lost to time, LASERBOY has been painstakingly rebuilt and faithfully recreated from the ground up. 

An expert team of digital archaeologists at Universal Entities recreated LASERBOY using fragments of art and code found in the wreckage of [REDACTED]. A story of lore, lasers, and [REDACTED]. Music by Germany's pop sensation: Lenni Revenge.

"Help Laserboy escape The Scientist's experimental vision facility without racking up a massive bill. The catch? You have a tactical laser shooting out of your eye every 5 seconds. Good luck!"

The Complete Edition

After popular demand Laserboy is now on Itch.io! It includes all our updates and features added to our Steam releases over the last few months. We're also adding the free original soundtrack.

  • Massively tiny: a tight 13 levels of mayhem and confusion in glorious CRT vision. 
  • Beat your runs: start from any level you’ve already completed with our nifty new level select screen (with music!)
  • Jump right in: Get straight to the action by skipping all intro cutscenes. No time to mess around buddy!
  • Track your runs: view your best score ratings for each level and think about how you could spend your time to become better... at everything.
  • Reeeewind: quickly restart a level or replay the previous one to nail those challenges. Get those perfect scores!
  • Speedrun Mode: Focus on the need for speed by turning off all dialogue. Just pure gameplay, baby!
  • No FX Mode: A new accessibility feature that turns off shakes, jitters, and other glitch effects. The game is still weird though, don’t worry.
  • Windowed Mode: Added due to popular demand!
  • Bug fixes: stability and performance fixes to make all this buttery mayhem feel more buttery.

How to Play

Your character can move around in the level but there’s no jumping or controlled shooting so it’s important to use the tactical beam, well, tactically. While a fast level time and low bill total will improve your score rating, you can play this game any way you like. Lots of people just take their time and destroy stuff, or look for the odd secret.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsUniversal Entities, Alex Schleifer, Václav Vančura, ue_ant
Tags2D, Comedy, Pixel Art, Retro, Short


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Laserboy - The Original Soundtrack 72 MB

Development log


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I wasn’t expecting the story to go where it did. This was a really fun experience. Simple mechanics, fun art style. The changing post processing was refreshing and came every time I started getting a little tired of the repeating motifs.

I wish it was a little simpler to try and save the lab techs or at least to control the laser (but I suppose that’s the point). About half way through the game I just stopped trying because it felt impossible and there was no incentive not to splatter the whole lot.

I wondered whether the rating at the end of the level has anything to do with how many techs you saved. Felt a little random. Maybe a few levels at the beginning where it’s easier to save the techs/do less damage, would make it clearer that it’s directly tied to the damage.

Overall though, super fun to play. Unexpected twists. Well done.

игра не понятная.

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