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Wake up! Laserboy is here to light the way out of this darn medical facility. What started out as a basic laser eye surgery took a turn and now you have a laser... eye. Every 5 seconds an uncontrollable tactical beam shoots out of it. The best you can do is not look at stuff that's too expensive, or the staff that's desperately trying to keep you locked up. Help Buddy find freedom and escape the evil clutches of The Scientist and his many minions. Hold on to your butts, stuff's about to get weird.

From the devs: Oh hi! We're Universal Entities and we're excited to share Laserboy with all of you. We started building it as a way to learn how to collaborate in Unity as a small team spread across different timezones. What started out as "a couple of weeks" of work ended up growing into a fully fledged release with original music, art, multiple levels, and lots of hidden secrets. This was a real passion project for everyone involved and we're proud of our tiny wild game. We're also including the original soundtrack.

The release includes all the updates we pushed to Steam based on community feedback. It's a better game today and we're a better team because of all the community feedback and we're excited to hear back from folks on -- making games is a team effort! We hope you like it and discover some of its secrets that live in and outside the game. Enjoy!


Laserboy - The Original Soundtrack 72 MB
Mar 16, 2022
Laserboy for Mac 43 MB
Mar 16, 2022
Laserboy for Linux 46 MB
Mar 16, 2022
Laserboy for Windows 43 MB
Mar 16, 2022

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